Jain Tirth Temples in Bihar

Shri Digambar Jain Siddha Kshetra Pavapuri Bihar (Siddha Kshetra)

No of Temples: 4, Pahaad / Mountain: No, Historical Importances: It is salvation place (Nirvanabhumi) of lord Mahavirji. Its ancient name was a Pawapur which means Punyabhumi. Special Information: A big lake namely Padm Sarovar is at the place where Lord Mahavirji attained salvation. At its center, there is white temple constructed using marble. Lotus flowers spreat all over lake give immense beauty to the lake. In temple ancient foot impressions (Charan) of Lord Mahavirji are established.

Tirth Location Details:
A/P:- Pavapuri
Tal:- Giriak
Dist:- Nalanda
State:- Bihar
Pin Code:- 803115
Tirth Lodging Facilities:
Rooms:- yes
Hall:- yes
Guest House:-
Ground For Tent:-
Mess:- yes
Transportation Facilities:
Railway Station:- Pavapuri Holt: 11 km.
Bus Stand:- Bihar Sharif: 12 km.
Straight Root:-Bihar Sharif
Nearest City:- Gaya: 85 km., Patna:95 km.
Contact No:-09006561904, 09931228783