Jain Tirth Temples in Uttar Pradesh

Shri Digamber Jain Pavanagar Siddha kshetra (Bhagwan Mahavir Nirvan bhumi), Pavanagar, Uttar Pradesh (Siddha Kshetra)

No of Temples: 01, Pahaad/Mountain: A hillock protected by government. Historical Importance: Based on historical facts and geographical evidences scholars propose that this is the very place from where Lord Mahaveerji attained salvation. Besides Goutam Buddha took his last meal here itself. Coins of Chaturth Period are obtained here. Annual Fair: From Kartik Krishna Amavasya to Kartik Shukl Ekam. Special Information: The government of Uttar Pradesh in 1994-1995 permitted Jain community to construct hexagonal Jal Mandir (Temple in water body)

Tirth Location Details:
A/P:- Pavanagar
Tal:- Fazilnagar
Dist:- Kushinagar
State:- Uttar Pradesh
Pin Code:- 274401
Tirth Lodging Facilities:
Rooms:- yes
Guest House:- yes
Ground For Tent:-
Transportation Facilities:
Railway Station:- Deoria: 44km, Gorakhpur: 74km.
Bus Stand:- Pavanagar
Straight Root:-Gorakhpur, Deoria, Tamkuhi.
Nearest City:- Deoria: 44km, Gorakhpur: 74km.
Contact No:-09198531463