Jain Tirth Temples in Rajasthan

Shri Munisuvrathnath Digambar Jain Atishay Kshetra, Keshavrai Patan, Rajasthan (Atishay Kshetra)

No of Temples: 01, Pahaad/Mountain: No, Historical Importance: 12 meter long Jinalay is situated on the banks of the river Chambal. An idol of Lord Munisuvrata is established in sanctum in sanwat 336. Many scriptures and poems explain its ancientness. Hearsay that miraculous, many attempts of devastation of by Aakranta were failed. Special Information: In ancient ages, the place was famous as Aashram Pattan. Aacharya Nemichandra (Siddantder) wrote Brahad Dravyasangrah here only.

Tirth Location Details:
A/P:- Keshavrai Patan
Tal:- Keshavrai Patan
Dist:- Bundi
State:- Rajasthan
Pin Code:- 323803
Tirth Lodging Facilities:
Rooms:- yes
Hall:- yes
Guest House:- yes
Ground For Tent:-
Mess:- yes
Transportation Facilities:
Railway Station:- Keshavrai Patan: 05km.
Bus Stand:- Keshavrai Patan: 01km.
Straight Root:-Bundi by Bus or Train
Nearest City:- Kota: 01km, Rangpur: 01km, Bundi: 45km.
Contact No:-07438-264323