Jain Tirth Temples in Madhya Pradesh

Shri Parsvanath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra, Pateria, Madhya Pradesh (Atishay Kshetra)

No of Temples: 01, Pahaad/Mountain: No, Historical importance: Temple is about 232 years old & 90 feet tall. There idols of lord Parshwanathji are 7 ½ feet tall. The place has withnessed many miraculous incidents like continuous flow of water between 8pm to 1am on 20th august 1992, melodious music during nights, conversion of water in to ghee during Gajnath mahotsava etc. A historical fast is at 1km from this place.

Tirth Location Details:
A/P:- Pateria, Garhakota.
Tal:- Garhakota
Dist:- Sagar
State:- Madhya Pradesh
Pin Code:- 470229
Tirth Lodging Facilities:
Rooms:- yes
Hall:- yes
Guest House:-
Ground For Tent:-
Mess:- yes
Transportation Facilities:
Railway Station:- Damoh: 30km, Sagar: 45km, Pateria:15km.
Bus Stand:- Garhakota: 1km.
Straight Root:-Between Sagar-Damoh road.
Nearest City:- Damoh: 30km, Sagar: 45km.
Contact No:-09300581108