Jain Tirth Temples in Madhya Pradesh

Shri Digamber Jain Atishay Kshetra Shantinagar, Bhojpur, Madhya Pradesh (Atishay Kshetra)

No of Temples : 01, Pahaad/Mountain: Yes, a hillock. Historical importance: It is self-immolation place of the great Aacharyashri Maantunga who composed Bhaktamar Stotra. The Temple has 22 ½ feet tall idol of Lord Shantinathji on its either side 8 feet tall idols of Lord Parshwanathji and Lord Suparshwanathji are established. These idols are established by king Bhoj in the year 1100-1101 A.D. There is one Temple of Shiva too. The river Betwa flows aside. Idol of Lord Bahubaliji is established on Siddhashila. The place is renewed as tourist spot also. Special Information: On the way of Abdullaganj – Bhojpur there is a museum in which many ancient Jain idols are kept.

Tirth Location Details:
A/P:- Bhojpur
Tal:- Gouharganj
Dist:- Raisen
State:- Madhya Pradesh
Pin Code:- 464551
Tirth Lodging Facilities:
Rooms:- yes
Hall:- yes
Guest House:-
Ground For Tent:-
Mess:- yes
Transportation Facilities:
Railway Station:- Bhopal: 30km.
Bus Stand:- Bhopal:27km
Straight Root:-Bhopal road route.
Nearest City:- Bhopal: 30km.
Contact No:-8305572946, 7879891899